The Attic Management Firm is a boutique independent creative consulting and song rights management firm  

for the professional music industry creative at-large. 

Developing and delivering concept-to-table business and brand management to full-scale operations

is also one of our many specialties.  



"No Brainer, One-Stop Licensing"

Our exclusive 100% pre-cleared catalog of songs, instrumentals,

  and custom-mades created by our unique Artist roster and in-house production team 

is privately curated to serve the music supervision and post-production community.



The Attic Management Firm offers a variety of internship opportunities for the 

incoming generation of music executives and creatives

through our partnership with California State University, Northridge Music Industry Studies Internship Program.

We aim to provide a robust learning environment, hands-on participation, access to top-line information

and support the advocacy of music creators' rights.